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Lady nabbed while using her baby for examination malpractice (video)

  An unidentified lady has been nabbed while using her baby for examination malpractice.    The lady who vehemently denied being involved in such when questioned by the invigilator, was exposed when her baby's cloth was lifted to show papers containing possible answers to questions she sellotaped to her baby's body.    Watch the video below.............  

Babysitter charged with capital murder for 'killing toddler with wrestling move' after he tore a pillow

  A babysitter has been charged with capital murder after he allegedly used several wrestling-style moves and a football hold on a 1-year-old baby who later died.   Marvin Rex Lake, 24, was arrested following the death of Ahren Joshua DeHart who suffered a fractured skull and brain damage.   Lake was watching the victim, along with two other children, on April 13 while their mothers were working.   In a video call with the mum of the other children earlier in the evening, DeHart was "in good health and alert, but was crying and fussy."   Just over four hours later, by 9.30pm, Lake called the second mum and told her DeHart had "rag dolled" and vomited up something red.   The boy's mother returned to the home shortly before midnight where she found her son unresponsive, an affidavit said.   DeHart with his 20-year-old parents   The two other children in Lake's care were also found with injuries, authorities have said.   DeHart sadly died three days later. on A

Criminals are using IPOB and ESN's name to commit crime in South-East - Governor Umahi

  Governor David Umahi has alleged that criminals are commiting crimes in the South-East while disguising as   Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Eastern Security Network (ESN) members.    Umahi made the claim on Thursday April 22, while appearing on a Channels Television program.    The Ebonyi state Governor said these criminals claim to be members of the secessionist group so that the persecution of IPOB and ESN by the federal government will cover them.    He said;    “The truth of what is happening is that there are bandits everywhere; there are cultists everywhere. What happens now in south-east is that criminals who may not necessarily be members of IPOB and ESN, will go and commit crimes and they need a name. So it’s safer for them to say they are members of ESN, and IPOB so that the persecution of IPOB and ESN by the federal government will cover them.  “That is what is happening in south-east because IPOB and ESN have a number of times come out to say they are not into ter

Zainab Balogun reveals the extent she went to get rid of a girl her boyfriend was flirting with (video)

  Media personality, Zainab Balogun has disclosed something she did to get rid of a woman her boyfriend was flirting with.   The actress shared a funny video on Instagram with the soundtrack to "I Remember When" to take part in the challenge.   In the video, Zainab wrote: "Remembering when I hacked into my boyfriend's email and Facebook to tell a girl he was flirting with that he was gay so she could leave us alone."     She added in the caption: "Gosh Young Zee lived life."   Watch Zainab's #IRememberWhen Challenge below.  

CCTV footage captures the moment a 'paedophile' carried a 7-year-old girl out of her apartment block before assaulting her (video)

  A CCTV footage captured the horrifying moment a suspected paedophile carried a 7-year-old girl out of her apartment block before assaulting her.  The disturbing video was captured on a CCTV camera in the southern city of Almaty, Kazakhstan on Wednesday, April 21.  The clip shows a girl, dressed in a pink winter jacket, entering her apartment block from a street while being followed by a man in a grey T-shirt and a black cap. As the child rushes up the stairs, the man takes a second to look up to make sure there no one is around before rushing after the girl. They go out of sight for a while before the man appears again, carrying the child down the stairs to a place equipped with surveillance cameras. After dragging the girl into the corner, the pervert 'undressed her and touched', police said.     It was also reported that the child later escaped from the abuser and alarmed her parents who immediately called the police. Lieutenant colonel Rustam Abdrakhmanov, the deputy chief